Toronto - April 2018

With intention to build navigational capacity for the rapidly changing times in which we we live, this program will focus on activating inner intelligencedeepening visual practice, and cultivating knowledge of social technologies.

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Studio - Toronto - April 2018

This experimental Studio Session will continue focusing our attention on Systems Thinking as applied to scribing, and scribing as applied back to systems.

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Advanced - Europe - May 2018

This is a placeholder. And we are committed! Dates on calendar. Details to come.

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Rungsted - July 2018

A residential program in a beautiful seaside location, with nature on every side. We’ll focus on social technologies that expand our visual capacity and expression. (Add this ahead of EuViz!)

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Portland, OR - February 2018

Join a growing eco-system of practitioners who use the “art of scribing” to bridge the ecological, social, and spiritual divides we experience in our world today.

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Studio - Portland, OR - February 2018

This experimental Studio Session will focus our attention on Systems Thinking as applied to scribing.

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Hangzhou - Nov 2017

In the beautiful and tranquil XiXi Wetland Eco park—just outside Hangzhou, China—thirty eager learners gathered to explore the intersection of visual practice and Presencing.

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Munich - Oct 2017

This workshop was intended for graphic facilitators and people interested in the power of visuals to facilitate systems-level change. Over three days, we focused on experiential learning that combined theory, exercises, peer conversations, and reflection. (And we had some ice cream in there too…)

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Rotterdam - Oct 2017

This workshop was for practitioners wanting to explore how to better use the tools and talents we have, by deepening our practice of listening and supporting the energy of a conversation.

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Berlin - July 2017

A unique Visual Presencing Program… Over three days we joined to share frameworks, embodiment exercises, reflection, and peer learning while together exploring the intersection of Theory U, Presencing, and visual expression.

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New York - May 2017

With practitioners gathered from China, Taiwan, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the USA, and Canada – this was a truly cross-cultural experience in a woodsy retreat setting, with plenty shared stories, learning, and deepening of our understanding of the power of visuals in today’s society.

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Bologna - February 2017

24 people from 3 continents gathered to eat some gelato and – yes, learn about scribing…

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Taipei - Nov 2016

How can visuals help people understand another point of view, improve interactions, ease conversations, and change a room?

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Long story short

Visuals serve as key facilitative aids for collective seeing and navigation. Live scribing–giving form to the social body–is a method especially suited to address today’s great challenges. As visual practitioners, we face a particular need and opportunity to expand the awareness, mindsets, and choices that feed our outward expression.

In these workshops, we combine theory, exercises, reflection, and peer learning to explore the following:

  • A model of practice that grounds inner cultivation
  • Ways to locate and relax into our most authentic selves
  • Levels of listening, systems thinking, discernment, and generative scribing
  • What it means to draw from, and for, an emerging future reality
  • Mapping next steps for projects and/or professional development

Our Team

The workshops will be led by different combinations of internationally recognized practitioners, who come together to explore and share best practices.


Alfredo Carlo, born in Brussels, is a designer of collaborative processes and is a graphic facilitator. He’s the founding partner of Housatonic Design Network and, since 2011, a partner of Matter Group. Together these networks deliver graphic facilitation and collaborative sessions to navigate complexity. Alfredo is a member of The Value Web, a not-for-profit organisation made of an international facilitators and designers network, which helps large and medium-scale institutions all over the world in their processes of research for systemic and complex problem-solving. Alfredo currently lives with his family in Bologna, Italy.


Jayce Pei Yu Lee is big at heart, small in size, and organic in spirit. Born in 1972 in Taipei, Taiwan, she studied Typographic Design and Fine Arts while lived in New Zealand for 8 years. She has diverse professional experience ranging from graphic design, visual merchandising, retail marketing, and sales. She devotes her time to creative work and bilingual graphic facilitation (Mandarin/ English) with the MGTaylor Methodology and, since 2010, in collaboration with The Value Web at the Summer Davos in China. She is a member of The Value Web, a fellow traveller of Theory U, and a visual collaborator with the u.lab MOOC since 2015.


Kelvy Bird has been working as a scribe in the fields of human and organizational development since 1995, with a focus on leadership, collective intelligence, and systems thinking. As part of the Presencing Institute since 2007, Kelvy has helped shape many of the global community offerings, most recently the edX course u.lab, for which she provides extensive visual material. In 2016, she co-edited the anthology: Drawn Together through Visual Practice, and is now completing On Scribing: A Social Art of the 21st Century. Kelvy received a BFA and BA from Cornell University, and currently lives in Somerville, MA USA.

Our workshops

5-6 Oct 2017

This workshop is not about what kind of marker to use or how to choose your colours when scribing. It is a workshop for practitioners willing to explore how to better use the tools and talents we have by deepening our practice of listening and supporting the energy of...

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20-22 Oct 2017

This workshop is intended for graphic facilitators and people interested in the power of visuals to facilitate systems-level change. Over the three days, the focus will be on experiential, hands-on learning, combining theory, exercises, reflection, and peer...

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15-17 Nov 2017

Come explore how Visual Practice and Presencing intersect, in this unique residential program at XiXi Wetland Eco park, just outside Hangzhou, China. Join a growing eco-system of practitioners who use the art of scribing to bridge ecological, social, and spiritual...

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12-14 July 2017

A unique Visual Presencing Program... Over three days in July 2017, we invited practitioners to join in the sharing of frameworks, embodiment exercises, reflection, and peer learning while together exploring the intersection of Theory U, Presencing, and visual...

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16-19 May 2017

Twenty-one brave souls – from nine countries across six regions – gathered for three days just north of New York City in May 2017. We experienced an immersive program, surrounded by woods, enjoying the evenings outdoors (even with a marshmallow roast!) in dialogue,...

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February 2017

Having experienced a fruitful workshop in Taipei November 2106, we hosted another workshop in Bologna, Italy 15-17 February 2017. This one was designed for intermediate and advanced visual practitioners and facilitators who wish to strengthen and deepen their existing...

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“These 3 days in Bologna have been a great learning sharing and meeting experience for me. What profoundly touched me is the step ahead I made on “what’s behind the drawing part of what I do”. I realized all the way I’ve been through over the past 10 years and it gives me both pride and humility.”

“This workshop is a dive into the deeper and hidden part of visual practices as well as a dive with your inner self.”

“Visual Practice Workshop – A beautiful & incredibile generous meet-ing with precious people to:
Live the diversity in listening levels,
Become one with the seeing drawing marker
Be a transforming up-creating model, pattern and system of collective, connected and connective (human) nature yourself.
All this in a perfect balance between theory & practice, single & group, fast & slow, consciousness & light-heartedlyness, east & west, lines & dots, heritage & exnovation, scriber & speaker, in & out, loud & silent, bold & timid, known & unknown, reflections & pragmatic proto-typing, logic& magic:-)
For me Visual Practice is, was and will be a continous natural learning path full of curiosity, serious fun & yes, love. And after this workshop it’s an even more well grounded re-confirmed decision, part of my life & way of being. I’m convinced we can change the world, onewhiteboard@time:-) Thanks to all who were @Bologna, who weren’t there but where there anyway and to all who’ll be there, but in other places:-).”

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