STUDIO SESSIONS6,12,13 Oct 2019

6,12,13 Oct 2019

Do you live in or near the Boston area? Have you seen or been interested in learning more about “scribing”—an artistic practice that visually represents ideas while people talk? Maybe you are already familiar with sketch noting, white boarding, flip...
SYSTEMS SCRIBING1-31 October 2019

1-31 October 2019

Systems scribing is a visual practice that combines scribing—visually representing ideas while people talk—with systems thinking. This is a new, tangible approach to representing dynamics, occurring in the moment and over time, between a scribe and a social body. This...
GS MASTER CLASS5-7 November 2019

5-7 November 2019

This master class—hosted and coordinated by bikablo—will focus on generative scribing, a visual practice that considers the energetic field surrounding the act of graphic recording. Generative scribes attend to an emerging future, while learning to “let go” of what no...