ROMA  (ita)24-25 May 2018

ROMA (ita)
24-25 May 2018

Un workshop per scoprire qualcosa che già possediamo, esplorando modi per arricchire una pratica che comincia da un ascolto profondo di noi e degli altri. Non è una lezione tradizionale su come disegnare bene o su quali matite usare. È un workshop sia per praticanti...
TORONTO 14 April 2018

14 April 2018

This experimental Studio Session will focus our attention on Systems Thinking as applied to scribing. Many of us have been exposed to areas of Systems Thinking while scribing, but how are we taking the knowledge and bringing it back into how we listen, how we make...
HAMBURG6-9 May 2018

6-9 May 2018

It’s a go! In May 2018, we’ll offer the first advanced program for those who wish to dive much deeper into Systems Thinking, the diamond model, Visual Presencing, and containers / field dynamics. To date, about 200 people have participated in the primary...
RUNGSTED25-28 July 2018

25-28 July 2018

Join a growing eco-system of practitioners who use the “art of scribing” to bridge the ecological, social, and spiritual divides we experience in our world today. Scribing – a process of drawing while people talk – provides a mirror that can...