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In May 2018, we’ll offer the first advanced program for those who wish to dive much deeper into Systems Thinking, the diamond model, Visual Presencing, and containers / field dynamics.

To date, about 200 people have participated in the primary workshops, and many have expressed a wish to take their practice to the next level. This is an opportunity for us, and you, to meet this call.

Who should participate?

This program is intended specifically for those who have participated in a basic Visual Practice Workshop (VPW). The enrollment process will involve an application, followed by a brief call to determine together if it’s right timing and a good fit for mutual development. Criteria will include, but is not limited to:

  • Experience related to the VPW context
  • Amount of learning you have to offer—not only receive from—the group
  • Your body of practice: where are you working in the world, what regions, sectors, institutions, local/global scale…
  • Seeding for the upcoming masters level program: is this body of work something you want to further develop for our field of practice?

Delivery Team

To be determined




May 7-9, 2018


To be determined

Next Steps

If you are interested and would like to be on a specific mailing list for this program, please email Kelvy.