Systems Scribing - October 2019

Join this online lab to explore systems scribing—a visual practice that combines scribing with systems thinking, living, and being—in a community of practitioners from around the world.

Visual Practice Workshop Torino
29 e 30 Novembre, 1 Dicembre

Tre giorni per esplorare le pratiche della facilitazione grafica e dello scribing.

Studio Sessions - October 2019

Local to Boston? Consider joining one or more 3-hour “taster” sessions on various aspects of scribing. No experience necessary!

Long story short

Visuals serve as key facilitative aids for collective seeing and navigation. Live scribing–giving form to the social body–is a method especially suited to address today’s great challenges. As visual practitioners, we face a particular need and opportunity to expand the awareness, mindsets, and choices that feed our outward expression.

In these workshops, we combine theory, practice, and reflection to explore the following:

  • A model of practice that grounds inner cultivation
  • Ways to locate and relax into our most authentic selves
  • Levels of listening, systems thinking, discernment, and generative scribing
  • What it means to draw from, and for, an emerging future reality
  • Mapping next steps for projects and/or professional development

Our workshops


29 Nov-1 Dec 2019

Una attività essenziale come il disegnare diventa oggi straordinariamente efficace per aiutare l’individuo e la collettività nella comprensione delle cose. Non stiamo parlando di eseguire un ritratto o un paesaggio, ma di visualizzazione come metodo per percepire...

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STUDIO SESSIONS6,12,13 Oct 2019

6,12,13 Oct 2019

  Do you live in or near the Boston area? Have you seen or been interested in learning more about "scribing"—an artistic practice that visually represents ideas while people talk? Maybe you are already familiar with sketch noting, white boarding, flip charting,...

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SYSTEMS SCRIBING1-31 October 2019

1-31 October 2019

  Systems scribing is a visual practice that combines scribing—visually representing ideas while people talk—with systems thinking. This is a new, tangible approach to representing dynamics, occurring in the moment and over time, between a scribe and a social...

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“These 3 days in Bologna have been a great learning sharing and meeting experience for me. What profoundly touched me is the step ahead I made on “what’s behind the drawing part of what I do”. I realized all the way I’ve been through over the past 10 years and it gives me both pride and humility.”

“This workshop is a dive into the deeper and hidden part of visual practices as well as a dive with your inner self.”

“Visual Practice Workshop – A beautiful & incredibile generous meet-ing with precious people to:
Live the diversity in listening levels,
Become one with the seeing drawing marker
Be a transforming up-creating model, pattern and system of collective, connected and connective (human) nature yourself.
All this in a perfect balance between theory & practice, single & group, fast & slow, consciousness & light-heartedlyness, east & west, lines & dots, heritage & exnovation, scriber & speaker, in & out, loud & silent, bold & timid, known & unknown, reflections & pragmatic proto-typing, logic& magic:-)
For me Visual Practice is, was and will be a continous natural learning path full of curiosity, serious fun & yes, love. And after this workshop it’s an even more well grounded re-confirmed decision, part of my life & way of being. I’m convinced we can change the world, onewhiteboard@time:-) Thanks to all who were @Bologna, who weren’t there but where there anyway and to all who’ll be there, but in other places:-).”

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